Postfix message duplication - again!

Chris Trudeau chris at TRUDEAU.ORG
Mon Dec 15 15:00:09 GMT 2003

>  > Even with the inherent insecurities and
>  > complexities of maintaining sendmail.
> Isn't this a little exaggerated these days? If I remember correctly I
> have updated Sendmail twice this year and even if you might want to
> reply that you haven't updated Postfix at all I don't feel bad about the
> one hour I spent doing those two updates.
> If you want Postfix as your internet facing MTA for security reasons,
> can't you put up a simple relay machine with Postfix that delivers to a
> MS/Sendmail-machine? Best of both worlds..?

Yep definite possibility...bit expensive (twice) and introduces another
point of failure to worry about.

I think you missed my point.  I was advising to USE sendmail instead of
postfix when considering the issues related to postfix/mailscanner
functionally....vs the effort involved in maintaining sendmail....I've
migrated to sendmail...and just accepted the possibility of
security/reliability issues with sendmail (if any arise)


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