F-prot update script

Gioia Bastioni gioia at bclink.it
Mon Dec 15 13:52:53 GMT 2003

Hi all!

how can I disable the f-prot-autoupdate script option to not send email
notifications if it did not need to be updated ?
I wouldn't receive this every hour..

FTP address for retrieving files is ftp://us-3.updates.f-prot.com/pub/
File SIGN.DEF is already up to date.
File SIGN2.DEF is already up to date.
File MACRO.DEF is already up to date.
Nothing to be done.

I've had some experiences with Sophos Antivirus too, and I noticed that it
downloads new ide files as soon as they were realeased ..
it's not possible to have the same feature with other Antivirus software as
f-prot and Antivir ?!

thanks for the help

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