Which Virus Scanner Product

Fri Dec 12 22:06:01 GMT 2003

>I'm new.  I've scoured the archives.  The chart of anti-virus products for
UNIX in the installation 
>area is helpful but I can't determine which particular product to purchase.

There's no "right" one -- that's what the chart was for.  You find which
license works best for your situation.  Any one that works with MS
is going to be OK.  It's best to use multiple scanners though, as
no one scanner catches everything.  And one of those multiples
might as well be clamav, since it's very good and it's free (in
that order.)

>For example; which Sophos anti-virus product should I purchase?  Also,
which product from which 
>vendor do you prefer?

Sophos is kind of a weird beast.  When I bought it they didn't have
a "one off" license so I had to buy a package that included licenses
for the client machines on my network.  I'm glad I did, since I'm
really happy with Sophos, but you may not need that.  They may have
a "mailserver" version by now, I don't know -- you may want to 
check with a reseller.



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