Yahoo Developing Open Source Server Software For Spam-Resistant E-Mail

Ken Anderson ka at PACIFIC.NET
Fri Dec 12 16:05:45 GMT 2003

It's not going to limit spam, but I think it's a step in the right
direction. It will also take some significant cpu power to handle the
DomainKeys, but it will certainly be nice to be able to trust that mail
FROM and any other often impersonated domain that implements
this system actually came FROM that domain. It will also have the effect
of making domain whitelists (allow * very useful.


Tristan Rhodes wrote:

> Since we were talking about AOL's anti-spam tactics, here is some info about Yahoo.
> "The company is developing code, called DomainKeys, that's compatible with Sendmail and qmail, two popular E-mail transmission programs known as message transfer agents. It anticipates release sometime next year. DomainKeys will use public key cryptography to digitally sign outgoing messages to reassure a public now suspicious of E-mail. "
> What do you think of this strategy?
> Tristan

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