(slightly OT) "Gaven Stubberfield" arrested

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> <http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A56209-2003Dec11.html>
> for more info.
> Up to 5 years jail time and/or $2500 per count. I think it wouldn't be
> difficult to come up with a few thousand Stubberfield spams.

Unfortunately I believe that when the can-sapm bill is signed by president
bush, the tougher state laws, i.e. California and Virginia, are superceded
by the weaker Federal law and no longer in force.

Stubberfield's arrest by authorities in Virginia wouldn't be possible.

> Could be my spam load will go down a little bit.
> And this is promising: "Kilgore said although these are the first
> indictments, it is likely his computer crimes unit will be busy for an
> extended period to come."
> So mote it be!
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