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Antony Stone Antony at SOFT-SOLUTIONS.CO.UK
Thu Dec 11 17:56:01 GMT 2003

On Thursday 11 December 2003 5:44 pm, Errol Neal wrote:

> Anybody heard of these devices?
> I wonder how they stack up to MailScanner.

Reading from the features on their website:

> Blacklisting of websites & domains

If you can still find a working DNS RBL, MailScanner will do this.

> Keyword scanning of emails

Use the new MCP and MailScanner will do this (as well as the default
keyword/phrase checking which SpamAssassin does)

> Checksum technology

Razor, Pyzor, DCC

> Message authenticity checking

MTA reverse MX lookup.

> Blacklists and Whitelists

MailScanner does these.

> Rate controls

I seem to recall there's a new feature in MailScanner for this, even if you're
not already doing it in sendmail.

> File type attachment blocking

MailScanner does this (I bet Barrauda does it by file extension only, not by
file content type as well :)

I think it's interesting that they're offering an anti-spam solution without
any mention of anti-virus - seems a strange omission?


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