Internet Explorer URL Display problem

Chris Yuzik chris at FRACTALWEB.COM
Wed Dec 10 20:52:23 GMT 2003

> At 20:05 10/12/2003, you wrote:

> Should
> uri IE_VULN /%01.*@/
> score IE_VULN 10.0
> describe IE_VULN Internet Explorer vulnerability
> work?


Wouldn't this only mark the message as spam? Maybe I'm alone on this, but
I think that this presents a far more serious threat than just spam. If
someone opens the spam anyways and sees a message from their bank,
requesting verification of online banking information, they might be
tempted to follow the links AND complain to me that this important message
from their bank was marked as spam.

My thought is that this should fall under the same general area of the
flowchart as the I-Frame exploits, if possible.

Your thoughts?


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