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Kevin Spicer kevin at KEVINSPICER.CO.UK
Mon Dec 8 18:49:07 GMT 2003

On Mon, 2003-12-08 at 18:03, Gerry Doris wrote:

>No matter what I do I can't seem to change the scale of the graph to
>something smaller.  I'd like to display KB of mail.  How is that done?

This is scaled by mailscanner-mrtg itself so needs to be altered in the
mailscanner-mrtg script.

Assuming you are running the latest version...

Find the following fragment in /usr/sbin/mailscanner-mrtg (around line

if ($_[0] =~ /mailbytes/){
    # Mod to convert in MB
    $Total /= 1024 * 1024;

And change it to...

if ($_[0] =~ /mailbytes/){
    # Mod to convert in MB
    $Total /= 1024;

You'll also need to change the mrtg cfg lines in
/etc/mrtg/mailscanner-mrtg.cfg (about line 36 onwards...) - hopefully
this should be fairly obvious (ustb turn all refernces to Mbytes in

I hope to find a more graceful solution to this issue for the next

Kevin Spicer (kevin AT kevinspicer DOT co DOT uk)

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