AOL blocking MailScanner messages!

Res res at AUSICS.NET
Sat Dec 6 00:10:37 GMT 2003

On Fri, 5 Dec 2003, Dan Farmer wrote:

> > Can you explain why we should operate non compliant mail servers? JUST
> > to
> > get mail from other non complaint mail servers?
> Uh, aren't these blocking rules non-default configurations? So you're
> saying that 99% of mail servers are non-compliant as installed because
> they don't block servers with missing rdns?

In there default configuration, sendmail and qmail only get fussy about

> Having used these blocks for nearly a month on real production servers,

likewise, 100's of emails a minute 24/7, we've had about 8 complaints all

> what really happens is this: user1 at sends mail to
> user2 at, they get the reject and don't read it. They

If they dont read a reject message why is that our fault.

> Servers can get away with incorrect/bad rdns simply because 99% of
> servers will not bounce their messages back, which is why it is a good
> sign that a large force like AOL is starting to push in that direction,
> it will make it easier on us when we decide to implement these changes.

> > There are just too many lazy incompetant idiots in the IT industry.
>                                         ^-ent
> Not sure if you're directing this at the non-compliant server admins or
> the 99% of server admins who aren't blocking like you, but this isn't a

Anyone who sets up a server that any part directly or indirectly is not
correct, fits in that class.
It is more so with DNS related material.

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