AOL blocking MailScanner messages!

Ivan Mirisola ivan at NUCCI.COM.BR
Fri Dec 5 16:22:17 GMT 2003

Hi people,

I have been reading a lot of posts about this issue and I wandering
about something.
A lot of people here in Brazil use broadband connections like xDSL and
so to implement their own MTA and use it to send spam and other bulk
email. Let say, if a local ISP provides a dynamic IP address to you like you can easily get it?s reverse DNS name which is

Well to me this M4 ruleset doen?t help at all, because I wouldn?t be
rejecting mail coming from these addresses. I get an average spam of
300+ a day coming from these type of addresses. I think that if we do in
fact reject mail based on RDNS we are just forcing those who have a
bronken DNS configuration to fix their RR records, that?s all.
I am just trying to share my point of veiw (if in fact I am right about
it). But than again this is going to be way OT here.
Feel free to send me PVT email anyone who wants to discuss this any
further with me.

Best regards to all.

>>> However, this has nothing to do with RDNS at all, and nothing to do
>>> with
>>> what AOL is doing. AOL is implementing refusal of mail from servers
>>> that do
>>> not have a reverse DNS lookup for their IP. It's not rocket science
>>> to do
>>> in sendmail, i.e. something like this:

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