AOL blocking MailScanner messages!

Mike Kercher mike at CAMAROSS.NET
Fri Dec 5 01:23:28 GMT 2003

 I understand you're on cable and have a block less than /24.  In this case,
it is RR's responsibility to maintain their DNS.  It is your right, as their
customer, to ensure that they do what they are supposed to.

I haven't forgotten anything about DNS.  I run MANY DNS servers :)  You may
have noticed different types of error messages in your mail logs.  Some are
temporary failures (like if a DNS server in unreachable).  That is totally
different from an authoritative nameserver saying "I have no information
about my zones".

Is it possible to delegate RDNS for a network of less than a /24?  What
would the zone be?


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> > If not, admins on the other end need to get off their ass and make
> > their networking correct, complete and in compliance with the RFC's.
> I've only been skimming this thread, so this may have been
> stated already. If so, I apologize...
> You're forgetting that reverse dns is a totally different
> animal than forward, and that just about anyone with less
> than a /24 (and many with a /24 or larger) don't have the
> reverse zones delegated to their servers. If I own, I
> can easily create any forward entry in the domain,
> but making something in the domain point to
> is not nearly as easy.
> As a for instance, the machine I'm sending this message from
> is on a RoadRunner network. We've got a block of addresses
> allocated to us and despite repeated assurances that they
> would delegate the zone for our netblock to our
> dns server, it's never happened. Now if RR managed to have a
> corrupt zone file, forgot to generate PTR records for our
> netblock or for some other reason wasn't on the ball, I'd be
> "an admin who was sitting on my ass not making my network
> correct"? I think not. My dns server is properly configured
> to serve requests for the /28 we've been allocated but RR is
> still in control of the zone.
> Then there's network outages, software failures, fiber cuts,
> DDoS attacks, etc, etc to consider. You'll reject mail just
> because the DNS server serving the zone for the
> connecting machine is unreachable?
> I can see adding a warning header or something innocuous like
> that, but outright rejecting mail from machines without RDNS
> properly configured is overkill, IMHO.
> Steve
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