postfix defer_transport

Chris Trudeau chris at
Thu Dec 4 03:31:30 GMT 2003


The "deferred transport" message you received is exactly as it should

The way a postfix installation works is as such (roughly) receives the message and drops it into a mail queue.

MailScanner every "n" seconds scans that directory, grabs the messages
out of the directory and scans them pursuant to your config.

Once completed, the MailScanner process then drops the message back into
the outbound postfix instance allowing delivery based on that config.

This probably doesn't help, but maybe it gives you an idea...


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Ok so I have Maiscanner running with Postfix on a suse linux server that
scans all the messages then forwards them off to a groupwise server. I
set up Postfix and Mailscanner just like the Mailscanner insallation
guide - Postfix says. But everytime I would send mail to it the maillog
would say

postfix/qmgr[15673]: EEBBA5A400A: to=<me at>, relay=none,
delay=1, status=deferred (deferred transport)

So I changed the line in /etc/ from this

defer_transports = smtp local virtual relay


defer_transports =

and it now works, but I'm not comfortable with it not working like the
website says. I am wondering if anyone could help me figure out why it's
not working like it is supposed to.


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