postfix defer_transport

Joe Stuart jstuart at EDENPR.K12.MN.US
Wed Dec 3 22:32:24 GMT 2003

Ok so I have Maiscanner running with Postfix on a suse linux server that
scans all the messages then forwards them off to a groupwise server. I
set up Postfix and Mailscanner just like the Mailscanner insallation
guide - Postfix says. But everytime I would send mail to it the maillog
would say

postfix/qmgr[15673]: EEBBA5A400A: to=<me at>, relay=none,
delay=1, status=deferred (deferred transport)

So I changed the line in /etc/ from this

defer_transports = smtp local virtual relay


defer_transports =

and it now works, but I'm not comfortable with it not working like the
website says. I am wondering if anyone could help me figure out why it's
not working like it is supposed to.


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