Svar: Norman Scanner?

Julian Field mailscanner at
Wed Dec 3 19:01:57 GMT 2003

I have just translated the relevant bit into English (badly) and it says this:

"Norman virus control for LINUX user the Norwegian safety specialist Norman
offers free of charge immediately a free Norman to virus control version
for LINUX. This offer applies to all private and not commercial LINUX user
in Germany."

So the offer is apparently only valid in Germany.

At 18:42 03/12/2003, you wrote:
>in german langauge
>/jan elmqvist nielsen
> >>> Gerry Doris <gdoris at> 03-12-03 18:50 >>>
>I saw a reference to the Norman scanner in an earlier email.  This is a
>new one for me and I thought I'd check it out especially as the email
>stated it was free for personal use.
>I went to the Norman site and I assume the product we're discussing is
>Norman Virus Control for Linux.  However, I couldn't find any reference
>about it being free for personal use.  They have a trial copy that
>in 30 days or the full retail version.
>Are we sure that it is free for personal use?  Do I just download the
>trial copy?

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