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Wed Dec 3 15:24:14 GMT 2003

Not really worth the effort any more. TNEF is now (thankfully) a rare 
sight, since Microsoft learnt the error of their ways and started using 
HTML instead.

At 14:54 03/12/2003, you wrote:
>Le mer 03/12/2003 à 09:33, Julian Field a écrit :
> > 3) The "tnef" program really couldn't decode the winmail.dat attachment in
> > the message
> > 4) You might be better off setting the location of the "tnef" program to
> > "internal" so that MailScanner uses the internal Perl module which is
> > slower but often better at decoding TNEF attachments (winmail.dat).
>Could MS be modified to use both tnef decoders if need be?
>Let's say the first decoder cannot analyze the winmail.dat file, then MS
>fires off the second one to try to do better.
>We could write something like:
>External TNEF Expander = /usr/bin/tnef --maxsize=100000000
>TNEF Expander = external internal
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