ClamAV module

Ulysees Ulysees at ULYSEES.COM
Wed Dec 3 14:57:56 GMT 2003

> You need to install ClamAV first.
> On Tue, 2003-12-02 at 15:32, Ulysees wrote:
> > anybody else had trouble getting this working ?
> > when I grab the module from cpan it seems to grumble about not being
able to
> > find clamav.h
> >
> > Should I be using a tarball of ClamAV instead of the RPM ?
> >
> > Uly
> >

Ok the clamav.h error was because I didn't have the clamav-devel rpm
installed, I got that, and then the install went a bit further and stopped.
I then just went and removed the rpms and used a tarball instead, worked
first time.
Has anybody actually done it from rpms or is everybody using the tarball ?


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