Virus scanners and universities

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CA (etrust) is actually ~$129.00 for five node licenses. You could
install it on five "servers" for that price. 

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>Hi all,
>         I'm looking for some info on what other universities and
colleges are
>doing in the MS/virus scanning area.
>         We (Brown University, USA) are using MS and hacked in support
>Symantec Scan Engine.  Cost issues are starting to creep in again and
>want to know what some other options are.  We love MS and just wanna
>know what the virus scanners cost you (total or per

ClamAV is free and open source, and is remarkably good.
eTrust from Computer Associates ( is only $129 per server.
Norman ( is free for non-commercial use.
Sophos have extremely good educational discounts.

Start with those...
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