Sophos updates

Tue Dec 2 21:27:25 GMT 2003

>Does the automatic Sophos updating process installed with MailScanner
>include engine updates or just new virus signatures?

MailScanner only updates the ide files.  You can use a script
called MajorSophos to download the engine, then run the
Sophos.install script included with MS.  I run it all from
cron on a monthly basis.

>The mail logs show new Sophos ide files every hour on most
>days.  Are virus
>signatures updated that often or is this an artifact of the
>update script?

In my experience, Sophos updates frequently, but to answer the
question I think you're asking:  no, it's probably not Sophos
updating every hour.  The autoupdate script does check every
hour, and AFAIK, it reports a sucessful update wether you needed
the update or not -- that's what you're seeing in your logs.

You can find MajorSophos here:


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