Questions about how MailScanner deals with mails to be quarantined

James Ogley james.ogley at PINNACLE.CO.UK
Tue Dec 2 16:09:17 GMT 2003


As the annoying auto-append will reveal, we're currently using
MAILSweeper, but we're evaluating MailScanner as a replacement.  We
really like the functionality of MAILSweeper, but equally dislike the

We're running MS 4.25-13 on SuSE 8.2 on our test machine, and we've been
sending various test mails though it, to see how it dealt with them.

Basically, our requirements would be to be able to quarantine mails
because of being too large, virus-laden, with attachments of various

Once a mail is quarantined, we would like to have the option to notify
three groups of people, the sender, the recipient and the admin,
depending on the reason the mail had been quarantined.

Our testing of quarantining large mails threw up some confusion, as the
mails from MS always said that the mails had been stopped as virii,
which was not the case, however it seems to be that it says that
irrespective of the actual reason in the mails to the admin, which could
cause confusion.  It would be better if a different notification mail
could be sent according to why the mail had been stopped (ie, "this mail
is too large", "this mail had an executable file attached", "this mail
has a script attached").

Also, we would prefer to be able to notify the recipient, rather than
delivering a 'disinfected' version of the mail to them, something like
"you have been sent a mail that exceeds size limitations by
foo at bar.baz.  If this mail is for business purposes, please contact
systems admin".

Have I totally misunderstood the way MS deals with mails, and these
options are possible? (I hope so)

I can provide my MailScanner.conf if that will be helpful.

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