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Part of the problem lies in defining what is actually a "dial up
domain". I'm going through an extremely frustrating experience with the
"gang" at MAPS to get the ip block my ISP uses out of their list. The
real problem here lies in self righteous "businesses" that sell these
"services" to others who trust them to have quality information while
they put in all kinds of junk. My suggestion is to completely ignore any
DUL lists in general and MAPS in particular. So far the "MAPS police"
has made my company lose many hours of productive work by tracking down
people at the ISP and at MAPS itself for their declared purpose of
"educating" ISPs. I have fixed IPs and valid reverse DNS. I believe the
gang itself needs quite a bit of education of various kinds first.


InvictaWiz Customer Support wrote:

>Why should homeworkers generate failures through the dial-up list?
>If they send their email through their ISP's mail server, their email should not be treated any
>different to an email from any other source as once it arrives at your server it will have come from
>a "propper" MX'd mail server.
>The dialup "problem" arises if the client is using a mailserver of their own on a dialup account
>that does not have an MX record assigned. This is the reason for the existence of the list of dialup
>ips as it used to be a common method for junk emailers to send out email.
>I suspect your false positive problem is from mis-configuration somewhere on your own network, not
>on the clients.
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>This is probably not of interest  to those who are not in ac.uk
>The MAPS-RBL+ list is actually the union of 4 separate lists (RBL, DUL,
>RSS and OPS).
>For details, see
>  One of these - the "dial-up list" is probably our
>main reason for SPAM "false positives" at the moment. This is usually
>  down to people working from home via an ISP.   Is it possible
>to configure MS to use only some of the individual MAPS-RBL+ lists ?
>Or should we just give up on these lists and rely on SpamAssassin - all
>the "false positives" which I have seen, have negative SA scores so it
>is clearly getting these right. Of course, there will be other cases
>which the lists get right and SA misses ?
>             Thanks ...  Ron
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