install Mail::ClamAV

Jon Fraley jfraley at
Mon Dec 1 21:13:30 GMT 2003

I just upgraded to MS-4.25-13 and installed clamav-0.65.  I was
following the directions on installing Mail::ClamAV and got this:

Recursive dependency detected:
 => S/SA/SABECK/Mail-ClamAV-0.04.tar.gz
 => Inline
 => I/IN/INGY/Inline-0.44.tar.gz
 => Digest::MD5
 => G/GA/GAAS/Digest-MD5-2.31.tar.gz
 => Digest::base
 => G/GA/GAAS/Digest-1.04.tar.gz
 => Digest::MD5.
Cannot continue.

How can I proceed at this point?



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