Fowarding ham and Spam to specific user in the MX server for sa-learn.

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Wed Apr 30 15:20:18 IST 2003

Hello all;


Before anything I have to say that MailScanner running together with SA makes a great product, good work for those developing!!!!!!!!


Any help on the following will be great...

Two questions;


1.  Why is the email forward doesn't work properly in sendmail? What needs to be changed?


2. Can I use the  sa-learn from SA 2.53 against an email file created from sendmail for a local user on the MX server i.e.: "sa-learn --spam --file /var/mail/this-is-spam" ?


Supporting info for the questions follows (some info concerning ip and domain name have been change for obvious reasons);


I am currently using MS with SA 2.53 on two MX boxes forwarding the emails to my exchange box which only receives mail from the two MX Linux boxes.


I am in the process of implementing the function where the user receiving the email can report those false positive (spam or ham).  I have created two email accounts in my two MX boxes running sendmail, not-spam and this-is-spam where my network users will send their email for the bayes learning function.  In the MX1 and MX2 boxes I have created both the same accounts.  In the MX1 box I created the following file;






not-spam at, \not-spam


this as I have read it's suppose to send a copy of the email to my mx2 box and a copy to the current account (same thing was done for the this-is-spam account)


When I send a test message to the address the Result is;


    The original message was received at Wed, 30 Apr 2003 08:02:31 -0400 from []

    ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors ----- not-spam at

    (reason: 550 5.0.0 Access denied)

    (expanded from: <not-spam at>)

    ----- Transcript of session follows -----

    ... while talking to

    >>> MAIL From:<HSoto at>

    <<< 550 5.0.0 Access denied

    554 5.0.0 Service unavailable

My DNS server entries for the above domain;         IN      MX      10         IN      MX      20         IN      MX      30

 SendMail version;

Sendmail 8.12.6/8.12.6 with all the latest updates.

/etc/mail/access file;

localhost.localdomain           RELAY
localhost                             RELAY                             RELAY                         RELAY                           RELAY                RELAY                RELAY

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