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On Mittwoch, April 30, 2003, at 01:53  Uhr, Spicer, Kevin wrote:

>> What do you need that a custom SpamAssassin rule with a high score
>> doesn't provide?
> In a word granularity.
I doubt there is much which can provide more granularity than Perl
regular expression...

> The ability to classify incoming/ outgoing email.  The ability to
> reject/ edit (strip images etc.) on the basis of what they are and who
> they are going to.  Detailed reporting (x% of mail is 'adult' y% of
> mail is 'violence' z% of mail is 'profanity' etc.).  Take a look at
> surf patrol's email filter and the features it offers.
While I do not quite grasp what that has to do with a functional system
to sanitise mail, I can understand that the Management thrives on such
buzz features. I am confrontend with that every day. However in a
commercial product you will most likely never have the chance to
implement such things just the way you want it to be. However with
complete spam logging enabled and a good log analyser you should be
able to emulate some of that, even with a stock Mailscanner.

>   When trying to explain why we should stick with MS and not move to
> surf patrol its difficult to justify keeping MS when it doesn't have
> these features.
Because they are not needed from the technical point of view and in my
humble opinion Julian is a very capable, technical person.

>  It doesn't really matter how well MS works and how badly the
> competitors work its all to do with the 'features' the marketing
> presents to those who actually buy the products.
Because, like 99% of all Open Source projects, Mailscanner lacks proper
Public Relations Work. There is no marketing because people tend to
come from the technical side and they either know what they are doing
or have enough power to simply run mailscanner without having to
justify it. I am forced with to work with this marketing dilemma every
day when I do my stuff for Fink.

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