Spam Tagging Message Body

Matt hciss at HCIWS.COM
Mon Apr 28 05:55:53 IST 2003

>I'm afraid not. Not at the moment, anyway. What sort of tag did you have in


Appended to the very end so as not to be noticeable.  Outlook Express can
only filter on from, too, subject and body.  It cannot look at the extra
header.  Tagging subject annoys some users.  I keep thinking a tag on the
bottom of the text portion of an email message would not be all that
noticeable but could be used as a filter.  Similiar to the way some people
have there email signed that it was virus scanned.  Just a thought.


>>I thought there was a way to have Mailscanner add a tag to the body of
>>messages beleived to be Spam.  I cannot seem to find any such setting in
>>  Is this possible?

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