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Sun Apr 27 14:30:27 IST 2003

>F-Prot has a good reputation too. Kaspersky is a bizarre piece of software
>(see some of my previous postings about Kaspersky for more info). F-Secure
>is a broken clone of F-Prot, the original is far better.
>Take a look at
>http://www.sng.ecs.soton.ac.uk/mailscanner/install/codestatus.shtml to see
>what level of support I nominally give them. Don't read too much into that,
>but it might help you.

Hiya.  I've just added Kaspersky to my MailScanner system (have
McAfee, F-Prot already) on FreeBSD 4.6.2.  I noted that the above page
still lists Kaspersky as beta scanning/alpha disinfect status, but the
actual code in SweepViruses.pm has:

   kaspersky     => {
     Name                => 'Kaspersky',
     Lock                => 'KasperskyBusy.lock',
     CommonOptions       => '',
     DisinfectOptions    => '-- -I2',
     ScanOptions         => '-I0',
     InitParser          => \&InitKasperskyParser,
     ProcessOutput       => \&ProcessKasperskyOutput,
     SupportScanning     => $S_BETA,
     SupportDisinfect    => $S_BETA,

Which leads me to believe the codestatus.shtml page is out of date.  I've
read every thread I can find on Kaspersky, which I see comments about how
bizarre it is, etc (including the comments by Nick in the Kaspersky parsing
code itself).  So far, it seems to be working fine for me.  What does it
take to get Kaspersky bumped up to supported status?  Also, if I have 3
virus scanners, I assume the first one that detects the virus does the

Mike Bacher / mike at sparklogic.com
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