a test for false positives with high spam score

Jeff A. Earickson jaearick at COLBY.EDU
Fri Apr 25 14:06:14 IST 2003


   My setup: Solaris 8, MS 4.14-9, SA 2.53, using Infinite-Monkeys
and bayes learning in SA.  My MS high spam score is 10 instead of
the default of 20, and my high spam action is "delete".  I wondered
if I was deleting any legit email, so I changed the high spam subject
label to "{HIGH SPAM}", set the mechanism to forward to me, then
set up my .procmailrc to deliver this stuff to an alternate mailbox.

   After three days of testing and more than 400 captured spams,
I can report **zero** legit emails captured.  So I am reverting to
the delete action with a high score of 10.  The way MailScanner is
designed, it made setting up this test really easy!  Thanks Julian.

--- Jeff Earickson

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