MAILSCANNER Digest - 21 Apr 2003 to 22 Apr 2003 (#2003-113)

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Wed Apr 23 21:44:13 IST 2003

At 21:11 23/04/2003, you wrote:
>Last question,  is there a default MailScanner.conf setup that could be
>used for reference?

Yes, the one I supply. Most people only actually need to touch the "Virus
Scanners" setting to get up and running with sensible defaults for
everything else. If you want to use SpamAssassin as well, set "Use
SpamAssassin = yes". Leave the rest of it alone to start with and then just
tweak as necessary.

>   I'm really just looking for the most commonly used
>config to block Spam, HTML porn messages, etc.

If you want to strip HTML out of spam (good for killing porn spam) then set
Spam Actions = deliver striphtml
High Scoring Spam Actions = deliver striphtml

Please feel free to start a section in the FAQ and add some "if you want to
do this, then set these" items to it. The FAQ could really do with some
more content, but that's up to you folks...
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