Sophos "sweep" problem - a funny thing happended...

Quentin Campbell Q.G.Campbell at NEWCASTLE.AC.UK
Wed Apr 23 15:38:28 IST 2003

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> Subject: Re: Sophos "sweep" problem - a funny thing happended...
> If you are running MailScanner version 4, don't use any of 
> the old version 3 scripts that you still might have lying 
> around in /usr/local/Sophos. The supporting scripts in 
> version 4 are all in /usr/lib/MailScanner. You are looking for
>     sophos-wrapper
> and sophos-autoupdate
> Sophos recently changed the structure of their virus pattern 
> library, and this new layout is only recognised by the 
> version 4 sophos-autoupdate script, not by the old version 3 script.
> If you are still running MailScanner 3, then download the 
> tarball of MailScanner 4 and pull the sophos-autoupdate 
> script out of it. It will almost certainly work just fine 
> with MailScanner 3 :-)

I am running MS 4.10-1 although with an old, modified, "sophoswrapper"
script whose contents are shown below.

I fixed the problem by commenting out the "SAV_IDE" lines in this
script. Note also that the LD_LIBRARY_PATH lines are not needed at this
site although I have not commented them out in the script.

---------------- cut here

prog=sweep # `basename $0`

#export SAV_IDE

exec ${PackageDir}/bin/$prog "$@"

----------------- cut here

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