MailScanner on Red Hat 9.0

Copper Shotgun copper_shotgun at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Apr 22 23:22:37 IST 2003

I have recently started testing Mailscanner and SpamAssassin on a Red Hat
9.0 server running the default install of Sendmail and Spam Assassin.  All
the test mail that I send through it seems to stay in the mail queue even
though i set it to run in queue mode.  I did a service MailScanner status
and everything has status of okay.  I can manually restart sendmail
(/etc/init.d/sendmail restart) and it will process the mail and tag it as it
should.  If i go ahead and send another test, it delivers it immediately,
but does not tag it as Spam?

I searched the archives but could not find anything specific to the problem.

If it is something easy please forgive me as I am relatively new to Linux.

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