Outbound disclaimer issue

Mark Puchalski Mark.Puchalski at HONIGMAN.COM
Mon Apr 21 21:25:38 IST 2003

Looking at the EXAMPLES file, it's denoted 'FromTo:'

Mark A. Puchalski
Network Engineer
Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP

Office:  313.465.7167
Fax:      313.465.8267

>>> marco at MUW.EDU 4/21/03 4:38:10 PM >>>
Quoting Mark Puchalski <Mark.Puchalski at HONIGMAN.COM>:

> From:  10.50.    yes
> FromTo:  default    no

Isn't this supposed to be

FromOrTo:  default  no  ?

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