Outgoing mail

Marco Obaid marco at MUW.EDU
Mon Apr 21 20:36:30 IST 2003

Good day everyone,

My mail server has been crawling lately due to increased mail usage and lots
of presistent spammers. So I hope someone could provide some advice. It seems
that virus-scanning and spam-checking are eating up lots of resources.

I was thinking of creating another machine for processing only *outgoing* mail
and keep my existing machine (with thousands of users) to process only
*incoming* mail. I am hoping to reduce the load on the existing machine.

I am not sure though where to start ... specifically, how to make a piece of
mail go to the outgoing-mail server when a user sends a message.

Does anyone know or have a document on doing such a setup?
Am I on the right track for even going this route?

I am using Sendmail on RH 7.3 w/MailScanner-Latest and SA-Latest

Thank you for any advice/hint you could provide

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