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Steve Evans sevans at FOUNDATION.SDSU.EDU
Thu Apr 17 18:55:14 IST 2003

The problem is the sendmail box holds no mail accounts at all.  (Except for root, etc)  All of the mail is routed to internal mail servers using the mailertable file.

My understanding of the alias file is that you can redirect mail intended for a local user to an external user.  For example if I wanted all mail for root to be sent to an address on another server. 

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I think it should work in /etc/aliases.

Don't forget to run newaliases after modifying the file.


Le jeu 17/04/2003 à 13:32, Steve Evans a écrit :
> I have a user that needs all mail to their address to go to a 
> different address.
> The situation is test at needs to go to 
> test at  My MX's for both of those domains reside on 
> the mailscanner box, and all the mail gets routed to their respective 
> internal server.
> So I tried to do this with virtusertable of sendmail but because 
> neither domain is in the local-host-names file it doesn't work.
> So my question is can I do this easily with MailScanner?  I was 
> thinking of the redirect feature of spam could somehow be implemented here.
> Steve Evans
> SDSU Foundation
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