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Denis Beauchemin Denis.Beauchemin at USHERBROOKE.CA
Thu Apr 17 18:52:09 IST 2003

I think it should work in /etc/aliases.

Don't forget to run newaliases after modifying the file.


Le jeu 17/04/2003 à 13:32, Steve Evans a écrit :
> I have a user that needs all mail to their address to go to a different
> address.
> The situation is test at needs to go to
> test at  My MX's for both of those domains reside on the
> mailscanner box, and all the mail gets routed to their respective
> internal server.
> So I tried to do this with virtusertable of sendmail but because neither
> domain is in the local-host-names file it doesn't work.
> So my question is can I do this easily with MailScanner?  I was thinking
> of the redirect feature of spam could somehow be implemented here.
> Steve Evans
> SDSU Foundation
> (619) 594-0653 
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