Disable Virus Scanning for local mail

Marco Obaid marco at MUW.EDU
Wed Apr 16 13:22:55 IST 2003

Good day all,

I have a mailing list with about 1500 subscribers which resides on a different
server than my MailScanner server. Everytime a member sends an e-mail the load
on the server jumps so high for about 55 to 70 seconds. It almost freezes the
server for that period. My mail server is running a dual xeon 700mhz with 2mb
of cache on each processor and all scsi drives with 3GB RAM.

All the subscribers to this mailing list are local users of my MailScanner
server (mail server). Would it be advisable to *not* scan messeages sent within
my local domain? and what is the best way to do this?

I created a ruleset called virus.scanning.rules, which has:

FromOrTo:   localhost  no
FromOrTo:   *@my.mailing.list.server no
FromOrTo:   default  yes

Is this correct?

I am afraid of adding From: mydomain.edu no which may not scan outgoing mail.

I should mention that the mailman server is handeling html stripping and is not
allowing any attachments period so I am not worried about dangerous mail coming
from the mailing list.

Please advise
Thank you

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