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Desai, Jason jase at SENSIS.COM
Tue Apr 15 21:42:05 IST 2003

Just to let you know my experiences with Clam.  For the most part, it has
been pretty good.  But I have come across one viruses in a zip file that it
did not find.  After manually unzipping the file, Clam would detect the
virus.  McAfee detected this virus in the zip file fine.  So using Clam as a
backup is a good idea.  Using Clam by itself is better than nothing, but not


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> > Okay. Im going to use the virus scanner for something
> > production. I think I
> > should go with
> > ClamAV?
> >
> I run MailScanner in two places, on our coporate mail server
> and on my home machine.  At work it runs with Sophos and
> ClamAV and at home I use F-prot and ClamAV.  Whilst Clam has
> proven stable and has (as far as I can recall) caught
> everything the commercial virus scanners caught I would not
> recommend using it alone because it sometime is not so quick
> off the mark with updates, and there was an occaision lately
> where the update server was unavailable for a substantial
> period of time.  My strategy is to use a commercial scanner,
> with Clam as a backup in case something goes wrong with the
> commercial scanner updates (This is particularly handy at
> work where Sophos needs to be updated every three months).
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