Catch 22 Whitelist & BlackList

Julian Field mailscanner at
Mon Apr 14 20:27:16 IST 2003

The rules are processed in top to bottom order. The default rule is used
only if none of the other rules match. The whitelist check is done before
the blacklist check, and will over-ride it.

At 19:50 14/04/2003, you wrote:
>We have someone spoofing mail to and from a particular user at one of our
>domains. I would like to get rid of all of this mail. Some of this is
>spoofed to the user and some is bounced back to the user. I can not locate
>where it is originating. If I set up whitelisting such as:
>FromOrTo:    <mailto:BadUser at our.domain>BadUser at our.domain    no
>FromOrTo:    <mailto:*@our.domain>*@our.domain    yes
>FromOrTo:    default    no
>and blacklist such as:
>FromOrTo:    <mailto:BadUser at our.domain>BadUser at our.domain    yes
>FromOrTo:    default    no
>Will this allow all mail from everyone at our.domain to pass either way
>with the exception of <mailto:BadUser at our.domain>BadUser at our.domain?
>Steve Campbell
><mailto:campbell at>campbell at

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