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>Hi Julian,
>I am noticing a problem with MailScanner running under a different
>user (due to Exim). Would it be possible to create the PID file
>before you switch the user context and then change the ownership of
>that file appropriately? The problem is that usually a user mailnull
>does not have write priviledges on /var/run under FreeBSD. This
>change would make life a bit easier.

That sounds a very good idea. I was thinking of doing a similar thing with
the virus-scanner lock files, but had forgotten that I need to do the pid
file as well.

BTW Just for info, the Postfix support is *nearly* working. I have to
handle the differences between Postfix 1 and 2, as they use different dir
structures, but I think I've got that sorted. Hopefully by the end of the
weekend I'll have some code worth trying. I'll post something to the list
when it's ready for you to try out.
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