on tmpfs

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Thu Apr 10 15:25:23 IST 2003


> > > Advise you don't run it in tmpfs for now. I'll try to sort out a find
> > > command that will work.

> >Ok, good, if you need me to test some beta's let me know.
> >Would be nice to get this working.
> Try the attached. Looks like it should work.

I have been running since this morning, it looks like this works, but it
doenst :) I sended in zips with virusses, to test, they all went through
just fine. I received the zip and mailscanner told me message clean. So it
seems its not scanning the content at all currently. I resended the zip 3
times, and its still passing. So no errors in the script output anymore,
like last night, but it seems its scanning something different, not the
files i mail in :)


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