funny things happen when you use sophossavi on an Alpha..

David dh at UPTIME.AT
Thu Apr 10 09:55:35 IST 2003

Hash: RIPEMD160

Hello guys.

I just wanted to report my findings so people could verify that I am
not the only one experiencing this.

We are running latest sophos, latest spamassassin , latest Maiscanner
on an Aplha EV67 667Mhz with 768 MB RAM. The machine processes only
around 3500 messages a day, so the machine seems to do well.

I followed the install instructions on the web page (yet I do nto quite
know where to put those lines for the symlinks I just created them by
hand in the sophos lib dir) and whenever I use sophossavi the following
things happen:

The delay for a message until it delivers goes up to more than 90
seconds (when it is usually below 10).

The Spam checks start to time out and spamassassin times out sometimes
as well. Also mails start to accumulate in the inqueue.

Ideas ?

- -d
Version: GnuPG v1.2.1 (Darwin)


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