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Julian Field mailscanner at
Wed Apr 9 14:59:41 IST 2003

At 14:47 09/04/2003, you wrote:
> > - - "digital fingerprints of known spam content" --> probably not as
> > advanced as pyzor/razor
> > - - "plus a customizable Dictionary" --> big deal. You can have this
> > with additonal SA rules in no time
> > - - "great flexibility about ... Spam once identified:
> > isolate, delete,
> > forward, deliver" --> need I say more? Did they copy MailScanner? :-)
> > All of this can be done with MailScanner as well
> > - - Virtual Learning Agent --> Bayes
> > - - HTML Stripper --> MailScanner
>That was pretty much as far as I got.  The thing that they do thats got
>our management interested is the promised ability to filter images based
>on content.
> > Surprising isn't it?
> >
> >
> > Why waste money there. I have to agree with Julian. I have not seen
> > anything as effective as SA. It sucks up resources but it is very
> > efficient.
> >
>I should have made it clear in my previous post that I am already in
>agreement with both of you, but I was looking for any experiences anyone
>else may have had that could enhance my arguments.
>Julians suggestions about getting a test data set together is good advice,
>but I'm a little bit cautious about how to get a set of test emails of a
>sufficiently wide variety without ending up the wrong side of any laws
>(like RIP).

I work on the basis that I never look at the messages, and I have
"anonymised" them by simply replacing the To:/From:/sender/recipient addresses.

Does SurfControl run on non-Windows platforms at all? Do they have an
evaluation licence system? I could pump a large test set through it for
you, if it's not too hard a job.
Julian Field
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