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Tue Apr 8 16:27:31 IST 2003

At 16:06 08/04/2003, you wrote:
>>There are 2 parts to the answer to this:
>>1) You can set up a "spam" and a "notspam" email address for people to dump
>>wrongly categorised mail into. You then use sa-learn once every hour (or
>>day) to teach SpamAssassin about the messages it got wrong. I have already
>>posted a script to do this to this list, but have attached it again for you.
>>2) SpamAssassin is unique in being able to "auto-learn", i.e. teach itself.
>>It uses its other traditional rules to produce a score for each message. If
>>the score is very high (i.e. definitely spam) or very low (i.e. definitely
>>ham) then it feeds the message back into the learning code for the Bayes
>>engine. It only starts using the Bayes engine output as part of the overall
>>message score once it has auto-learned about 600 messages (I might well be
>>wrong on that figure, but it's a few hundred).
>Probably would be useful to write up a quick web page that has this script
>and explanation, as I expect this question will continue to get asked..

Which is why the Faq-o-matic is there, so you can write one :-)
Julian Field
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