ANNOUNCE: Version 4.14 released

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Tue Apr 8 08:49:30 IST 2003

Hello Daniel,

> how do you check the correct version of mailscanner and spam assassin?
> just recently i upgraded spam assassin to the latest version to avoid mails
> to be stuck due to mailscanner unable to send it out
> but i still got the problem yesterday.that's why i need to check whether it

For Spam Assasin:

[root at master .spamassassin]# spamassassin --version
SpamAssassin version 2.53

For Mailscanner, it prints the version number also in your maillog when
starting up, so have a look there.

> hope it helps as the staff are gunning for my head coz their mails aren't
> sent "on time"

Can you be a bit more specific ?


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