Bayes database - can it be copied?

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Mon Apr 7 10:33:00 IST 2003

At 03:24 07/04/2003, you wrote:
>>I think as long as you do it carefully, then you will probably be okay. The
>>critical time is between the creation/update of the 2 db files.
>>Say your machines are called mx10 and mx20, then something like this should
>>do it pretty well. I'm assuming you are using scp, but just change the scp
>>for rcp if that's what you are using.
>>On mx20:
>>cd ~root/.spamassassin
>>mkdir new_files 2>/dev/null
>>scp 'mx10:.spamassassin/*' new_files
>>mv -f new_files/* .
>>I do all the files at once to minimise the time when the db files aren't
>>consistent with each other, as this isn't doing any proper locking. Just
>>copying the files straight into ~/.spamassassin would make the
>>"inconsistent" time a lot longer.
>That seemed to work fine.  Thanks.
>Now that I'm going to be feeding this box mass quantities of tasty spam, I
>had a thought.  Does the bayesian stuff pay attention to the headers, e.g.
>the From and To lines?  Since my E-mail address might be in the From line
>someplace (Eudora puts it there even if you do a Redirect, after the
>original From line..), the system won't start to think I'm a spammer since
>I'm sending it lots of spam, will it? :-)

You can always add
bayes_ignore_header To
bayes_ignore_header From
to ~root/.spamassassin/user_prefs to force it to ignore them.
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