Score is -35 but it is still marked as s p a m, why?

Sun Apr 6 19:08:34 IST 2003

Well unfortunatlly if I don't have auto whitelisting on it starts marking everything as spam for some reason that is unknown to me,
that is actually why I turned it on because low scores (those below five) were even getting tagged as spam.  As far as the "{Spam?}"
in the subject, that is added by MailScanner without doubt as it is listed in the config and changing it will change the tag.  If I
can resolve the issue where when auto white listing is turned off just about everything starts being tagged as spam even if it is
not found to be spam and has a lower than require score then I will turn off auto white listing.  Right now with auto whitelisting
on, it just tags some e-mail that it doesn't find to be spam and has a lower than required score with the modified subject line
addition of "{Spam?}.

Perl v5.6.0
MailScanner 4.13-3
SpamAssassin 2.52

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From: "Kevin Spicer" <kevins at BMRB.CO.UK>
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Subject: Re: Score is -35 but it is still marked as s p a m, why?

> On Sun, 2003-04-06 at 07:59, Donovan Huff | HUFF DATA SYSTEMS wrote:
> I am wondering why messages marked with a score such as -35 are tagged
> as s p a m in the subject line when the required as 5 and all
> the header information says it is not s p a m, I have attached the
> message.  I've had this issue several times and with different
> MailScanner versions.
> If you look at the subject of the mail notice that it begins...
> Re: {Spam?}
> So the pass through a Mailscanner that generated the -35 score is not
> the same pass that altered the subject - it may not even have been your
> Mailscanner that did it.  I would suggest changing your spam subject in
> some subtle way (maybe square brackets, ALL CAPS or two question marks)
> so you can see if it is generated by your mailscanner.
> BTW... one of the reasons it got such a low score is that you have
> auto-whitelisting on, which is probably not such a good idea with MS
> (unless this machine doesn't serve multiple users). Check the archives
> for the reasons!
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