Question regarding the in lib/MailScanner

Soeren Gerlach so-mlist-alias at
Sun Apr 6 13:09:16 IST 2003

Thanks for the answer! I'll give it a try.

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> At 10:42 06/04/2003, you wrote:
> >This one goes probably direct to Julian, as he might know best about it
> > ,-))
> >
> >I added a new function to to get some extended logging
> > about spam and virus for each mail. Although I found the information
> > about spam quite easy for viruses it simply overwhelmed me, whats
> > available in the message object ,-)) What is the appropriate hash or
> > array to look at If I simply wan to know what's the name of the virus,
> > if one has been found?
> The output parsers don't extract the name of the virus (except F-Prot and
> F-Secure if I remember rightly).
> The scanner report lines are stored though, so you could try and extract
> it from there, just for the scanners you are using.
> while(($filename, $report) = each %{$message->{virusreports}}) {
>    push @allreports, split(/\n/, $report);
> }
> # You now have 1 virus report in each element of @allreports.
> # So, knowing the output structure of your particular scanner(s),
> # you can pull out the name of the virus.

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