Virus scanner lock file not removed

David Osborne david.osborne at NOTTINGHAM.AC.UK
Fri Apr 4 17:46:47 IST 2003

Julian -- thanks for the explanation. Yesterday, a batch of messages was
only processed by MailScanner when I deleted the lock file. I've just
rebooted the machine and a test message went straight through.


On Fri, 2003-04-04 at 16:25, Julian Field wrote:
> The file is created but it never needs to be deleted. When the autoupdate
> script does its job, it locks the file with an exclusive lock, does the
> update, then unlocks it again.
> MailScanner processes always lock the file with a "shared" lock when they
> want to use the scanner. Lots of "shared" locks can be used on a file at
> the same time (in this case, one per MailScanner child process), but only 1
> "exclusive" lock can be held at a time, and that stops any "shared" locks
> as well (which is what the autoupdate script uses).
> So it's not the presence of the file that is stopping MailScanner running,
> it's something else.
> I use Sophos myself and have never had a problem of this sort, so I'm not
> quite sure what is going wrong...

David Osborne <david.osborne at>
Information Services, University of Nottingham

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