SAVI-Perl-0.15 doesn't like Sun's compiler

Jeff A. Earickson jaearick at COLBY.EDU
Fri Apr 4 16:35:54 IST 2003

   Having successfully upgraded to 4.14 this morning, I've
decided to try SAVI-Perl-0.15.  My setup: Sun Solaris 8,
perl 5.8.0, built with Sun's Forte7 compiler.  Bummer, it
doesn't like my compiler, and I'm not going to rebuild perl
with gcc to get around this:

(37)> perl Makefile.PL
Writing Makefile for SAVI
(38)> gmake
/opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc -c  -I. -I/usr/local/include -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE
"-I/opt/perl5/lib/5.8.0/sun4-solaris/CORE"   SAVI.c
"sav_if/s_comput.h", line 706: #error: Unsupported compiler
cc: acomp failed for SAVI.c
gmake: *** [SAVI.o] Error 2

I sent a note to henson at asking for a way around this
problem.  Anybody else encountered this?

Will SAVI-perl work with sophos 3.66, or only with later
versions?  I'm still running 3.66 because 3.67 was such a pig...

--- Jeff Earickson

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