Sophos Licensing

Dan Leavitt dll at SCITOOLS.COM
Fri Apr 4 13:34:24 IST 2003

We just bought sophos for this purpose.  You do indeed need
the SAVI license.  We were told that we could buy that alone
or, depending on our needs and company size, it might be
more cost-effective to purchase the SAV Desktop license
which includes the use of SAVI and have desktop virus
protection as well.   We  opted for the latter.


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> At 10:00 04/04/2003, you wrote:
> >Cany any mailscanner+sophos users can help me out here. I've
> >received a quote from sophos for use with mailscanner, and
> >they include pricing for SAV Interface and SAV Connect licenses.
> >
> >Does anyone know which license is needed for use with
> >MailScanner. I am only asking for verification here, because
> >the chap I spoke with at sophos seemed a little unsure(!).
> >
> >Given the huge differential in price, I'd like to be sure
> >which is needed before I test sophos out any further.
> I *believe* the right answer is SAV Interface (or SAVI) licences. That has
> certainly been the case in the past. It's not a cheap product by any means,
> but it is a good one. Check you aren't entitled to any discounts
> (quantity/education/charity/...)
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