Forward Spam Action Clarification

Julian Field mailscanner at
Fri Apr 4 10:19:28 IST 2003

At 19:43 03/04/2003, you wrote:
>I am getting ready to implement a spam actions ruleset:
>I have the following in /etc/MailScanner/rules/spam.actions.rules
>To:     *    forward spam at
>I understand this and have tested it with success. Messages marked as
>spam are forwarded to the appropriate email address (and that' it). The
>message doesn't appear to be archived, sent to the original recipient,
>or anything more.
>However, I noticed that a few people have implemented the same rule but
>appended the delete action after the forwarding email address, like so:
>To:     *    forward spam at delete
>Based on my testing, there doesn't seem to be a difference between these
>two rules. In other words, once it's forwarded, it's implicity deleted
>from the queue and appending delete as a second action doesn't seem to
>matter. Is this correct?

That is correct. In this case "delete" is a null operation as you have also
asked for it to go elsewhere, but do not want to deliver it to the original

1 point about rulesets: always safer to add a "default" rule as well, e.g.
FromOrTo:       default         deliver
so you know what it will do in all cases. My code does have defaults
specified in it that will happen if you do not supply your own default
rule, but it's better if you set it yourself so you can be sure it does
what you want.
Julian Field
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