Mailscanner and Multiple output queues

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On Wed, 2 Apr 2003 15:49:41 -0600 Mike Kercher <mike at CAMAROSS.NET>

> Following up on you still have to tell sendmail about the
> additional queues?

Yes. The following information is courtesy of David <Master at> (which is
very basic) (is
your better bet along with the stated documentation bits).

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> >We are considering implementing mutliple output queues to try to
> >improve performance on our mailserver and I wonder if anyone could give
> >me an idea of a ruleset for this. Ideally we would like mailscanner to
> >write to one of a set of output queues, distributing mail roughly
> >evenly across these directories.
> Outgoing Queue Dir = /etc/MailScanner/rules/outgoing.queue.rules
> and then in that file:
> From:   /^[a-g]/                /var/spool/mqueue1
> From:   /^[h-m]/                /var/spool/mqueue2
> From:   /^[n-s]/                /var/spool/mqueue3
> From:   /^[t-z]/                /var/spool/mqueue4
> FromOrTo:       default         /var/spool/mqueue5
> This just splits into 5 queues based on the first letter of the sender's
> address. Hopefully that gives you enough of an idea of what you can do...
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